Trainbots illustrated by The Organisation's Shane McGowan will be chugging into bookstores near you on June 7th, 2016! Here is its amazing review from School Library Journal to keep you going until then!!
Look at those Trainbots go! They’re busy getting the Toybots prepared for delivery to all the Boybots and Girlbots who are waiting for them. There is so much to do! The Trainbots saw, hammer, build, and hitch the train cars together. Finally, the platform is ready, caboose is in the back, and the train is on the track. All Trainbots board the train and start zooming to Kids Town. But trouble is lurking about as the Trainbots set out for their destination. The Badbots are calculating a way to sabotage the Trainbots. Those misbehaving Badbots are scheming, peeking, and dropping. Panic escalates as the engine stops and pieces pop! Have the Badbots outsmarted the Trainbots’ plan? The Trainbots don’t fret for long. They begin to devise a method to get the train back on the tracks and deliver the Toybots to everyone in Kids Town. The ending will make young children cheer for the heroes. This delightful, simple story is told in a fun rhyme that makes it a great read-aloud. The text is arranged perfectly so the illustrations are the main focus. The colors are vibrant and sharp. The illustrations are large and detailed—but not so much so that they are overwhelming. The size of the pictures and text makes this a perfect book for storytime. The Trainbots are expressive and have personality. Even though the Badbots do have a mischievous appearance, they are not too evil-looking for younger children. VERDICT The surefire combination of trains and bots make this a great selection for library collections and program planning -
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