Monday, 11 February 2013


We are proud to announce the launch of the first edition of 'Imagine', our brand new ebook with an enviable collection of our artists' work. With interviews and drawings offering an revealing insight into their working practice, each page is packed full of their inspirational creations, as we learn what make them tick as artists working in today's vibrant industry. This wonderful volume is available now to download from our website, so don't delay, visit us today  and discover our  artists' beautiful art for yourself! Click here to get downloading! 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

NEW ARTIST!! Yorgos Sgouros!

We are pleased to welcome our new artist, Yorgos Sgouros! Yorgos is a freelance visual artist based in Athens, Greece 

He always liked to draw imaginary worlds and create his pictures using both traditional and digital media. At the beginning of the new millennium he started working professionally as an illustrator and sometimes as an author as well. He has illustrated over 100 books including children’s books, fairytales, fiction, nonfiction, educational books and many more.

The “Toddler Bible” published in 2007 for Anno Domini Publishing was his first international book. It has already been translated in 15 languages.
“Turn and Learn Stories of Jesus” was the second book for the same editor.
In 2011 he illustrated the music book “The Magic Flute”. A unique collaboration between Athens and Montreal. with the participation of two children’s choirs and the Ensemble Sinfonia de Montreal.
Designing a new character is a special part of his work. Some of his favorite heroes are already here…most of them, however, are in his mind and anxious to meet you!… 

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