Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Love is in the Air!

Love is certainly in the air here at the Org HQ! We will be posting lots of our fabulous artists' new Valentine themed work throughout the day and to kick us off here is an adorable little heart from Clementine Derodit! To see more of her fabulous work click here!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ella, the Phoenix and the Carpet!

After the stunning work she produced for E. Nesbit’s wonderful ‘Five Children and It’ last year, Ella has once again worked her magic on the latest in the Alma Classics range, producing this glorious colour cover and over a dozen exquisite and humorous monochrome vignettes! 

When the children accidentally destroy a carpet in their London home with fireworks, their parents replace it with a second-hand one and unwittingly trigger a chain of events and wild adventures that take them to far-flung destinations such as India and a remote tropical island! 

So join us in celebrating the return of the much-loved characters of Cyril, Anthea, Robert and Jane and the unique illustrator who was really the only choice to introduce them to a new generation in this thrilling sequel! The Phoenix and the Carpet is out next month from Alma Books!

A Cracking Coastal Cover!

David Dean expertly evokes the quiet serenity of a quaint little Cornish harbour 421 miles from the home of thirteen-year-old Martin where he and his younger brother Charlie will travel to catch a glimpse of the beautiful dolphin that regularly visits!

David’s gorgeous bright seaside colour palette with rich yellow sand and traditional red and white lighthouse, combined with the intimacy of the little marina all subtly contribute to the secure familiarity of this little scene, cleverly concealing a heart-wrenching twist in the tale that comes completely unexpectedly from that perfect mid-blue summer sky.

Charlie and Me 421 Miles from Home is out now from Piccadilly Press!

Fred's Sweet Sideboard Specials!

Fred Van Deelen’s latest commission to hit the shelves is for Marks and Spencer's luxurious new range of confectionary and we think you will agree that the results are truly delectable! The 'Sideboard Specials' range of confectionary is available in Marks and Spencer stores nationwide now, why not give yourself a sweet treat!

Sophie Rohrbach Spreads Her Wings!

Hot on the heels of the amazing success of Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood last summer, Sophie Rohrbach’s latest collaboration with Pat-A-Cake Books sees her bold and beautiful illustrations telling the classic tale of The Ugly Duckling! Her richly textured and technicolored landscapes provide an ideal backdrop for this sweet tale about being an outsider amidst the beauty of nature whilst subtly highlighting the muted grey of the poor young swan seeking to fit in! 

Sophie is thrilled to have been chosen to work on another title for this gorgeous range of toddler books for the new and hugely successful Hachette imprint and we are simply in a flap about how stunning the results are!

The Ugly Duckling is out now, why not swoop down and bag yourself a copy before they fly off the shelves!

Alison Jay has the floor!

The eagerly awaited picture-book biography ‘A Lady has the Floor’ takes centre stage this month, as celebrated artist Alison Jay illuminates the fascinating life of the extraordinary activist Belva Lockwood - a woman with big dreams who never stopped asking herself the question ‘are women not worth the same as men’?

"I was so excited to be asked to illustrate ‘A Lady has the Floor’ by Kate Hannigan. Belva Lockwood was an incredibly inspiring woman and way ahead of her time, she, along with millions of women throughout history have been shamefully overlooked and unrecognised for their talents in all fields. That inequality, although improved, is still shockingly in evidence to this day. I hope one day very soon there will be equality for ALL."

Alison sensitively portrays this dynamic farmer’s daughter, following her from humble beginnings to practicing law in the United States Supreme Court, her resolute expression and deportment throughout exuding utter determination and faith in the beliefs that ultimately culminated in her running for president of the United States and becoming the first woman on the ballot!