Wednesday, 6 September 2017

David Dean has it Covered!

Ted Spark is 12 years and 281 days old and his aunt has just been accused of stealing a priceless painting from her workplace! The Guggenheim Museum in New York is the imposing setting for David Dean’s glorious cover artwork for the sequel to ‘The London Eye Mystery’ and his instinctive sense of scale once again evokes a feeling of Ted being a very small boy in another very big city! David’s striking depiction of the towering Frank Lloyd Wright designed building with mysterious thick smoke billowing from inside makes this incredibly eye-catching book, and one that begs to be picked up and read! 

Grab your copy here!

Gareth's success not in the least puzzling!!!

Gareth Lucas’ latest creative collaboration with Usborne has resulted in these beauties hitting the shelves this month! Packed inside each technicolour box is a whopping 100-piece jigsaw and a stunning 24-page picture puzzle book bursting at the seams with things to spot and talk about! ‘Dinosaurs’ boasts bountiful bold beasts playing prehistoric pranks, ‘Under the Sea’ is teeming with colourful aquatic antics and ‘On the Farm’ unleashes a menagerie of mayhem! As always, Gareth injects humour and personality into each and every scene and with so much to look at, we think these will keep you occupied until at least October when his brand new Look and Find book ‘Jungle’ will be swinging into bookshops too! 

Get your copies here, here and here!

2nd Book of the Month for Javier!

Not content with one stunning book out in August, Javier Joaquin has also been hard at work on another release, this time having closely studied the animal kingdom for the wry Brazilian folk tale ‘Monkey and Rabbit’! Once again, Javier’s fine attention to detail shines through on every vibrant page. In these wonderfully evocative images, Rabbit dreams of living up in the tall tree like monkey and so one day decides to move in with his friend... with some dire consequences! ‘Monkey and Rabbit: A Tale from Brazil’ is a gorgeous little fable about friendship and the importance of knowing where we come from and is out at the end of this month from Heinemann Publishing. Quite frankly, you’d be bananas to miss it!

Get your copy here!

Fred's French Road Trip!

If you were cruising down any of the autoroutes in France on your hols this year, you will no doubt have noticed that they all boast the most gorgeous illustrated signs to highlight places of cultural or historical significance (which quite frankly in France, is most places!) to the weary and bleary-eyed motorist! Well, this summer, our very own Fred Van Deelen was commissioned by APRR - Europe’s fourth largest motorway group - to create these stunning scraper board style works for their extensive route through Burgundy. The sublime golden tones exude a restful warmth whilst the burgundy subtly hints at the region’s best loved export! For an area so steeped in history, and with the signs standing whopping 6.5 metres high, this is a hugely prestigious commission for Fred - especially as they are planned to be in situ for the next 20 years! With work coming from all directions, Fred has had a busy year, so next time you are passing through, why not raise a glass or two to him!

Tiny Tantrums and Big Talent!

When it's time to clean up, or take a bath, or put on her coat, Tiny throws a terrible tantrum! Her parents are at their wits’ end, then one day, some friendly monsters show up... could they be just what this little girl needs to tame her tantrums?

Ella Okstad is in her element illustrating this adorable book designed to help children to better understand their emotions and hopefully stop ‘windows wobbling and birds falling out of trees’ when things don’t go their way! Her exquisite and playful artwork beautifully compliments this simple story of friendship. The whimsical settings and her on-trend Scandi colour scheme combine to create a serene and dream-like world while subtly reinforcing the overall message of the book - to remain calm, to share and to not waste time on such silly things like tantrums! Ella says:

When I first received Caroline’s text, I was very charmed. It has lots of energy to it. I had great fun drawing the fluffy monsters, making them move around on the page trying to ease Tiny whenever she has a tantrum. I had a few rounds with Tiny getting her just right. She had to be cute, but at the same time have a naughty and stubborn look behind that cute facade. I am very pleased how the colours turned out. I think that soft pastel suits the paper quality so well. It’s been a pleasure working with both the lovely people at Little Tiger and Caroline Crowe.

Told in bouncing rhyming text, this little lifesaver is sure to get the thumbs up from frazzled parents everywhere! 

Get your copy here!

Javier's Great Escape!

Join a ragtag group of pasta on their death-defying adventure in this hilarious new book illustrated by Javier Joaquin for Little Bee Books!

Javier has once again worked his magic to create the cutest carbs you will ever see and this lovable band will have to use their noodles and concoct a great escape if they are to avoid being somebody’s lunch! Javier hails from Argentina and his inspiration comes from his acute observation of people, architecture, fashion, design and music. From outraged Ramen’s crazy curls to neat and sensible Bow Tie’s geeky charm, each unique little pasta shape reflects the close attention to detail and characterisation for which Javier is known. He says of this commission:

"It was great fun working on this project. Especially in the creation of their characters. Granting each type of pasta with the right expression according to their personality was a challenge and inspired my enthusiasm for the project. I am sure kids will love this story, full of adventure and fun!”

You can grab your very own copy later this month so save those pennes because we can guarantee you will fall tortellini in love with it!

Get your copy here!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What a Find!

Thrilled to have stumbled across this wonderful little review by 'The North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards' of Ella Okstad's latest book Tiny Tantrum - out in September! Watch this space for more sneak peeks next week!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Alison Jay interview with The Letterpress Project

We are delighted to share with you the lovely interview The Letterpress Project did with world renowned artist Alison Jay. The Letterpress Project has asked authors and illustrators to think about what has inspired them as artists, what their favourite books are and how they relate to their audience, so follow the link and discover Alison's insight from her long and hugely successful career! See the full interview here.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

David Dean Meets Michael Morpurgo!

Last week the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green unveiled their latest blockbuster exhibit to celebrate the work of Britain’s best loved story maker, Michael Morpurgo featuring the fabulously evocative illustrations by the wonderful David Dean, who has just redesigned 20 of his bestselling books with Egmont publishing! This unique exhibition showcases the notebooks and manuscripts that became the classics we all know and love today and even features Joey, the original life-size West End horse puppet from War Horse! Here is David with the man himself! Why not pop in for a treat - it's free and on until 25th February 2018!

Victoria Assanelli is Making Good Choices!

Fib or Truth? Loud or Quiet? Stop or Go? Life is full of questions when you are a kid (and an adult!!!) and these touching images by the versatile Victoria Assanelli are for an exciting new range of ‘choose your own ending’ books that ask children to consider the different consequences of their actions. In a departure from her usual fairytale genre, Victoria continues to work her magic on these charming educational resources, creating sympathetic and believable characters that will undoubtably help children facing challenging situations explore how their choices may affect those around them.
The ‘Making Good Choices’ series of 6 readers is out now in the US from Amicus!

Digging and Dinos with Gareth Lucas!

Join the busy construction crew for a noisy day on the building site! Get ready to lift, dig, drill and scoop to build an adventure playground! With brilliantly bold and crazily comic illustrations from the award-winning Gareth Lucas - illustrator of Peekaboo 123, and Peekaboo Opposites - this sturdy board book from Little Tiger Press​ is perfect for little ones who love tractors, diggers and anything loud!

As if that weren’t enough, Gareth, who last year won the Sainsbury's​ Children's Book Award for the riotous Peekaboo A to Z, also invites you this month to join a band of prehistoric pirates as they set sail in search of buried treasure! The hilarious ‘Dinos on Deck’ features a motley crew of adorably roguish reptiles who have a rip-roaring adventure on the high seas!

How ever will you choose which fabulous title to go for? We suggest both, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love diggers and dinosaurs?!

Get your copies here: Dig Dig Digger, Dinos on Deck

Ella's Halloween Humdinger!

Vampires or ghosts? Werewolves or mummies? You cannot fail to find your favourite monster in this unique rhyming bedtime story! Each fun-packed page is illustrated in deliciously ghoulish fashion by the fabulous Ella Okstad Illustrator! From the gorgeous colour palate of rich decadent plums, dark fern greens and deep midnight blues, to the wonderfully endearing characters that inhabit the twilight, Ella beautifully captures that sense of wonder at discovering what exactly is lurking in the dark!

With her ever-joyful renditions of human, animal and monster characters, this is an irresistible book for lovers of all things spooky and will leave readers of all ages squealing with delight! 

Get your copy here! 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Emily Emerson's Adorable Animals!

We just love these super cute new artworks from Emily Emerson, featuring endearing images of animals. In her typical soft tones and warm characterisations these can't fail to make you smile.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Ella's Spooky Review!

A superb review of the soon to be released 'Halloween Goodnight' from PublishersWeekly and a sneaky peek at Ella Okstad Illustrator's beautifully spooky cover! Watch this space for more of her fabulous work for this book later in the month! 👻 💀 🎃


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Even Monsters Have Secrets!

These fabulous feline illustrations are by the wonderful Livia ColojiI for “The Monster’s Secret’ -  a story written by the much respected Romanian parenting expert, Otilia Mantelers and designed to help parents deal with with the fear of darkness in a playful way! Livia, who lives in Timisoara, Romania, has been fortunate enough to work for clients from all over the world on some very different and interesting projects, says of this latest unique commission:

“I love animals and, of course, I adore cats so it was an awesome project to work on! Also, it was a fun challenge to work on the monster because he's the scary character in the book but he also has to be lovable in a certain way.”

Livia’s skill in giving her animal illustrations such depth of expression perfectly conveys the message of this book - that sometimes we are all just frightened children who need to help each other find the light switch! 

Don’t have nightmares, buy your copy of ‘The Monster’s Secret’ here!

Sophie's Fairy Tale Job!

Following the success of Richard Merrit’s gorgeous series of quirky nursery rhyme books for the brand new Hachette imprint, Pat-a-Cake Books, Sophie Rohrbach is hot on his heels with these spellbinding illustrations for the creatively re-worked classics Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood! Sophie, who is passionate about the rich colours and intricate patterns that she uses in her illustrations, ensures that each page is bursting with peril, humour and warmth, her striking work beautifully complimenting these tales of suspense and trickery whilst inspiring imagination and teaching valuable life lessons at the same time! Both books are available to buy now, so go on, give in to your inner child!!

To see more of Sophie’s beautiful work, click here!



Laure's Beautiful Beasts!

One of the best-loved fairy tales and sumptuously illustrated by the fabulous Laure Fournier, Beauty and the Beast is the latest exciting addition to Usborne’s hugely popular English Readers series. Laure’s atmospheric locations create the perfect backdrop for her touching portrayal of the blossoming relationship between the wide-eyed, innocent Beauty and the capricious and cantankerous Beast!

Laure, who is originally from Antibes, France has been a children’s illustrator now for 12 years and has worked with a diverse range of clients, but always brings her unique perspective to any project! As you can see, her work glows with optimism and her characters display a real depth of emotion, perfect to enhance younger learners’ understanding of the text in this new range of graded readers - no wonder she is so in demand!! 

Beauty and the Beast is out now, get your copy here!

Vince Reid Joins the Misfits Club!

When Brian, Hannah, and twins Chris and Sam start their summer holidays, they know it's going to be the end of an era - the Misfits Club is disbanding and they still haven't managed to solve any real mysteries! Vince Reid’s endearing illustrations for this comic adventure are full of warmth and energy, humorously chronicling The Misfits’ investigations of a spooky old house and how their last ‘case’ takes a surprising turn!

Vince populates the world of The Misfits with the playful and expressive identity, for which he is well known, to perfectly compliment this gentle tale of friendship and the challenges of change!

Published by Macmillan Children's​ The Misfits Club is out now, get your copy here


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Step into Richard Merritt's Magical World!

To help while away time at the airport or to soothe your mind as you relax by the pool, why not take a trip back in time to ancient Greece or Rome with the spectacular ‘Labyrinth - Mythical Beasts to Colour’ from LOM Art and illustrated by the skilled ‘old master’ of the adult colouring book world - Richard Merritt!  Whether you are colouring the wondrous wings of a Harpy or the glistening snakes of a Gorgon's hair, this unique colouring book filled with magical detail on every page, truly brings these creatures and their mythical realms to life! 

As if that weren’t enough, Richard also has the beautiful Abenteuer Natur, or Nature Adventure, out this month too! From the tiny grasshopper to the mighty whale, his gorgeous, intricate and atmospheric illustrations are simply begging to have a creative hand bring them to life with bursting colour! Travel deep under the ocean and into the tiny worlds within our own, inhabited by a host of fascinating life sensitively embellished with gorgeous decorative details! 

Both books are out now!

Get your copies here:

David Dean’s Morpurgo Marathon!

Be whisked from the sultry Spanish border to the imposing walls of Camelot or travel by dusty road with a travelling circus, only to end up on the turbulent seas from Ireland to America! The latest beautiful batch of David Dean covers for Egmont has officially landed and promises to take you on a thrilling whistle-stop tour of the globe! David’s inspired interpretations of these well-loved stories give just enough away to make us want to plunge headlong in to the mystery and adventure just waiting beneath each distinctively dynamic cover! 

Ella's Illos Float our Boat!

These adorable new black and white line illustrations by Ella Okstad sensitively celebrate young love as seen through the eyes of Simon and Anna in the short story RMS Titanic written by Norwegian author Nina Elisabeth Grøntvedt. The bold clarity of Ella’s drawings perfectly compliment this charming little love story created specially for the Hay Festival Aarhus 30 project and set against the backdrop of a school production of Titanic! Ella says:

“When asked by Alma Books to contribute to this project, I didn’t know anything about the story or who had written it. Nor did I know which other illustrators/authors were going to take part. It came as great surprise that the author of RMS Titanic actually is a friend of mine, living in the same city! I have also worked with one of the other Norwegian authors on the list - Endre Lund Eriksen, so I am very honoured to be in such splendid company! I was very charmed by the story of clumsy Simon (who  has a broken arm in the story which he has to hold in a permanent 90 degree angle!) and Anna, the prettiest girl in his class, as they tackle the roles of Jack and Rosie in the end of term school play!”

Ella’s gorgeous drawings feature in the Young Adult volume ‘Odyssey’ released on May 25th! Too see more of Ella's cute portfolio click here

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A-Mazing Maps from Gareth Lucas!

With this superb new Map Maze Book from Usborne, getting lost has never been so much fun! Immerse yourself in Gareth Lucas’ stunningly intricate work as you travel across exotic continents, walk the dusty streets of famous cities and explore long-lost lands without ever having to leave the house!! 

Each maze is more challenging than the last, from navigating a safe path through icebergs to taking a whirlwind tour of the horn of India, Sainsbury's Children's Book Award winner Gareth’s rich maps filled with humorous little details are guaranteed to bring out the Indiana Jones in us all! Lose yourself in this unique book from 1st June!

Hitting the Road with Barbara Bongini!

Fancy an engaging and educational road trip across the USA this Spring? Well then look no further!All of the major sights are playfully illustrated in wonderful technicolour by the extremely versatile Barbara Bongini in this fabulous new storybook adventure from I see Me Personalised Children’s Books

My USA Road Trip issues children with their own personalised driving licence to travel the length and breadth of the country learning the names of all 50 states through exciting facts and visiting fascinating landmarks! Barbara’s bold and beautiful portfolio boasts work for a diverse range of international clients from creating packaging, brochures and posters to her passion which is, of course, producing sumptuous children’s book illustrations and travelling the world from the comfort of her little Italian studio! Go on, treat yourself to the ultimate 'grand tour'!

Buzzing with Excitement!

Alison Jay's gorgeous 'Bee and Me' has made it on to PublishersWeekly​'s list of fabulously buzz-worthy bee books this week! See the full list here!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Bistra makes a big impact at 3x3 Awards!

Bistra Masseva has won a Merit Award in the 3x3 Magazine 2017 Picture Book Show with this gorgeous illustration and we are so proud of her!!
To see more of Bistra's fabulous portfolio visit

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Our Artists in Demand!

We are thrilled to have not one, not two but three of our amazing illustrators featured in this month's Children's  May Newsletter!! Ella Okstad, Nuno Alexandre Vieira and Richard Merritt all have their most recent exquisite work in the highly competitive field of children's book illustration appearing in this May round-up highlighting a collection of superb new book releases! Enjoy it here!

Dynamic Duo's Illustrator Saturday Feature!

Check out the fabulous Chantelle & Burgen Thorne, chosen for this week's Illustrator Saturday feature for Writing and Illustrating Blog! Here they talk about their art, process, history and inspiration - be inspired by this incredible pair's passion for children's book illustration here!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Eurovision Fever Hits The Org!

Only a few days to go until the Eurovision 2017​ final and our artists from the countries that have qualified so far are dancing for joy! 

The Organisation represents Violeta Dabija from Moldova, Shane McGowan from Australia, Merce Canals from Spain, Roberta Bordone from Italy, Sophie Rohrbach from France and Alex Steele-Morgan from the UK who are all in grand final on Saturday! We think they all deserve 'Douze Pointe'! Who will you be rooting for?

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

David Dean's Cover Story!

It has been a real struggle to keep quiet, but we can finally let the cat out of the bag! The amazing David Dean has been working on a huge project for the past few months and we are thrilled to at last be able to show you the beautiful first batch of rich and dynamic covers for the enormously exciting reprinting of all of Michael Morpurgo’s books by Egmont! These stunning books push David’s cover count to over 100 and feature his bold and characteristically insightful interpretations of the stories drawn from unique and extraordinary perspectives.

David, with his wealth of experience and passion for book design really was the only person to complete this mammoth 20 cover task! He has been represented by The Organisation for the past 18 years and says of this prestigious commission:

“This was a bit of a dream job for me! Getting to do a series of twenty covers, and for such a well-known author, was a real privilege. Morpurgo is an amazing storyteller, and the variety of subjects he tackles meant the job never got stale - I got to paint King Arthur, a wagon train and World War II planes!

The job went very smoothly and almost all of my roughs were approved with little or no amendments. Keeping all the covers different, in terms of colours and composition, was a challenge, but a fun one that pushed me into trying different things! I did find illustrating the cover for 'War Horse' somewhat daunting and put off tackling that one as long as I could! It is such a modern classic and has been illustrated so many times, often brilliantly, that I wasn’t sure I was equal to the task, though it ended up being one of my favourite covers!”

These first 6 stunning books are on sale now and we will be featuring the next gorgeous batch in later this month so keep an eye out!

Richard’s Merritt’s Pat-a-Cake Premiere!

Published by Pat-a-Cake books, a brand new baby, preschool and early years imprint from Hachette Children’s group, these adorable peek and play rhyme books, delightfully illustrated by Richard Merritt are out tomorrow, and they were so pleased with the results that Richard has been commissioned for two more coming next year! Richard says of taking this inspiring new direction:

“It’s really exciting to be part of a brand new publishing imprint, so I was thrilled to be asked to create the artwork for these wonderful books. The illustrations were a welcome diversion from what I’ve usually done in my career to date, as I’ve always wanted to get involved with baby and toddler books because they are such fun to do, thinking of all the cute little details for the children to spot as they read - I even found myself humming along to the nursery rhymes as I worked!”

So warm up those vocal chords for a good old fashioned sing-along! Get your copies here

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ella Okstad’s Ballerina Dreams!

Stunningly and sensitively illustrated by the fabulous Ella Okstad, ‘Ballerina Dreams’ is the adorable younger-reader edition of Michaela DePrince's highly moving memoir of her journey from a lonely child in an orphanage in Sierra Leone to principle dancer for the Dutch National Ballet. Ella says:

“When presented with Ballerina Dreams, I was very moved by it. In the beginning, I must admit I was slightly nervous about drawing real life people as they grow up using my own style, but the response I had was utterly positive! I was given a pdf document with lots of family photos to help me to get hair styles, clothes and particularly the ballet postures and movements right. I wanted to depict Michaela just as strong and determined as she is in the story and photos. When the advance copies came, Elaine DePrince wrote me a message to let me know how pleased they both were!”  

Ella’s always joyful illustrations perfectly express the love, dedication and hope that drove DePrince to achieve her dreams. Each page of this unique autobiography is bursting with her signature warmth and exudes a gentle and endearing humour whilst simultaneously capturing the vibrant movement of the tiny ballerinas twirling and balancing on tiptoes!

Sure to have you dancing for joy, Ballerina Dreams is out this month from Faber, get your copy here:

Nuno’s Unicorns Storm Usborne!

Zoe is staying with her great-aunt when she discovers a secret world full of beautiful fairy unicorns, but soon she finds out that Unicorn Island is in terrible danger! An exciting new series for the Usborne Young Reading Programme, Fairy Unicorns: Magic Forest and Fairy Unicorns: Cloud Castle feature the enchanting illustrations of Nuno Alexandre Vieira! 

Based in Portugal, Nuno is an extremely versatile artist who loves to work with traditional media (with a particular passion for Indian ink!), in digital or a mix between the two and especially loves to create captivating characters and imagine fantastical worlds for them! Fairy tales, magic and adventure are his favourite subjects to illustrate and this is obvious from his sublime cover art to the characterful and spellbinding line drawings that bring these illustrated books to life! Become submerged in his dream-like world and get your copies here now.

Livia’s Lovable Little Ones!

The wonderful Livia Coloji has been a busy bee, illustrating some classic children’s tales for the exciting new Parragon First Readers series, the latest of which feature two of the most cute and courageous little characters from children’s literature - Thumbelina and The Ugly Duckling! 

We are sure that Livia’s stunningly vivid colour palate, bold and beautiful flower and foliage borders and instantly endearing animals will elevate these stories from well-known bookshelf staples to compelling new reading adventures! Livia has been working as a professional artist since 2005 and particularly enjoys illustrating for children, although she has been known to turn her hand to projects as diverse as designing the promotional material for a world music festival and painting the indigenous vampires of her native Romania, so who knows what she might be up to next!!! 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Celebrate your Rights as an Artist!

Today is World Intellectual Property Day, an important day in our calendar as the work that we produce as illustrators falls under the category of Intellectual Property when it comes to copyright definition and legal protection.
The term 'Intellectual Property' began to be used in the mid 19th century in reference to early copyright statutes and patent law. However, it was not until the late 20th century that the concept was adapted in a broad sense. Intellectual property refers to 'creations of the mind'. Recognition and protection of creations of the mind is intended to stimulate creativity and all illustration, design and art fall into this wonderfully named category!
So come on, today let's celebrate the protection intellectual property laws afford us and the amazing creativity and innovation that grows from these rights! Visit the WIPO website here