Thursday, 9 November 2017

Boyds Mills Press feature from Alison Jay

If you come across the 2018 catalogue for publishing house Boys Mills Press, you'll be greeted with the lovely artwork from Alison Jay for her recent collaboration with Kate Hannigan for the stunning picture book 'A Lady Has the Floor'. The book is a non fiction biography of the pioneering advocate for women's rights, Belva Lockwood. As an activist, Belva never stopped asking herself the question: are women not worth the same as men? She had big dreams and didn't let anyone stand in her way - not her father, her law school or even the U.S. Supreme Court. She fought for equality for women in the classroom, in the courtroom and in politics. In her quest for fairness and parity, Lockwood ran for President of the United States, becoming the first woman on the ballot. In this riveting non-fiction picture-book biography, award-winning author Kate Hannigan and celebrated artist Alison Jay illuminate the life of Lockwood, a woman who was never afraid to take the floor and speak her mind.

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