Thursday, 27 August 2009

Big Book of Contemporary Illustration

Look out for the newly released 'Big Book of Contemporary Illustration', by Martin Dawber, featuring over 1000 stunning and innovative illustrations from 400 of the best illustrators and designers from all over the world and showcasing the best in modern illustration - from digital drawing to traditional techniques. Seven of our talented artists were lucky enough to be invited to submit work for the publication:

Richard Merritt
Domanic Li
Martin, as always, has done a fantastic job putting this book together and it serves as real inspiration to clients and illustrators. I could loose a few hours every day poring over the work within - I want your job Martin!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Alice Show 26/8/09

Tea is certainly not on the agenda for Sophie Keen’s depiction of Alice. Here, she is a grumpy teenager, and not even the Mad Hatter and a talking rabbit can make her smile! Sophie uses her bold colour palette to dazzling effect perfectly capturing the strange world of the Wonderland. Click on her name to see her full portfolio.

Sophie Keen

The Alice Show 26/8/09

Next up in our Alice show comes Laila hills. She’s created a wonderfully quirky and light-hearted image with an intriguing contrast between colour and black and white. Perhaps Alice needs a cup of tea to get some colour into those cheeks! Laila’s experimentation with textures is really paying off and adding a new dimension to her work. See more by clicking on her name.

Laila Hills

Monday, 17 August 2009

Introducing brand new talent - Akbar Ali.

Akbar, a recent illustration graduate from Wesminster University, is the latest artist to join the ranks of The Organisation. His strong drawing skills combine with charm and style to create his unique work. His lavish black and white work is reminiscent of the fabulous Aubrey Beardsley, with bold design and attention to detail perfect for book illustration. His colour work is utilises a sumptuous, jewel-bright palette and dramatic compositions. Check out his portfolio here.

Thursday, 6 August 2009


I spent yesterday lunchtime at the new AOI exhibition and came away uplifted to see so many fantastic and fabulous pieces of art. If I was to put my bitch head on there were one or two pieces that that left me befuddled - but overall I could have spent hours poring over the artworks....shame to have to work when art is calling.

Richard Johnson displayed 2 stunning pieces in the children's book section from the 4 that were chosen for the annual. In fact the AOI annual proved to be the stepping stone to representing Richard, as years ago I saw his work featured and sent him a fan letter .....the rest is history.... la di da.

I believe I have been getting the annual year on year and drooling over the pages for longer than I care to mention ... long may it go on.