Friday, 9 August 2013

New YouTube channel for The Organisation

We are proud to announce our new YouTube channel has been launched! Click on the link to view all the latest news from the artists at The Organisation. Loads of fun videos to see and enjoy!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Parragon Classics.

We've just received copies of the fantastic new compilation of classic stories from Parragon featuring the work of Victoria Assanelli, Steve Horrocks and Livia Coloji. It's such a great quality production, and really shows off the creativity of our exceptional artists. Victoria has re worked 'Wind in the Willows' with her gorgeous distinctive style , Steve's wonderful draftsmanship is on show in 'Treasure Island', and Livia's delightful artwork brings the story of 'Black Beauty' to life! It really is a treat to see and would make a wonderful gift for children, bringing these much loved tales to a new audience.