Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Happy World Penguin Day!

It's the WWF's World Penguin Day! Penguins are incredibly vulnerable to threats like climate change, why not adopt a penguin? Our animal loving artists Chantelle and Burgen Thorne adopted a penguin egg for Easter this year so you will be in good company!!  To find out how, click here! 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

What a Marvellous Mug!

The lovely winner of this month's Org commissioners' draw has sent us this pic of her gorgeous prize! She chose a mug with a stunning animal alphabet design by our fabulously talented Hannah McCaffery! To see more of Hannah's work visit her portfolio here

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Clementine's April Apples!

Here at the Org we are totally in love with these new adorable little apple inspired illustrations by the fabulous Clementine Derodit! To meet more of her cute characters, visit her portfolio page here!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Ella's Uplifting Unicorn Undertaking!

Sophie Johnson is a self-confessed unicorn expert, bursting with information and knowledge that she is keen to pass on! The dream team of Ella Okstad Illustrator and Morag Hood bring you this wonderfully comic tale of a mythical creature hiding in plain sight! Ella’s pedigree when it comes to illustrating the imaginary, the mythical and the magical is unrivalled - from invisible cats to ghosts, wizards to Sand Fairies, Ella was certainly the only possible choice to bring to life the endearing character of Sophie whilst beautifully capturing the utter chaos of this hilarious story to perfection!

Ideal for fans of unicorns, rainbows and magic everywhere, Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert is out on 5th April from Simon & Schuster. Get your copy here!

Richard Merritt's Arachnid Antics!

Richard Merritt’s latest characterful work for Pat-a-Cake Books’ Peek and Play Rhymes series - Incy Wincy Spider is out next month! This fun-packed little book combines lively contemporary pictures with a classic rhyme that's easy for parents and toddlers to recognise and recite. Young children will enjoy searching the page for secret flaps to open to reveal Richard’s adorable insects of every kind, unable to put it down until each tiny thing is found! Out now, get your copy here!

Gareth Lucas gets Innovative!

Once you start poppin', there’s just no stoppin'! This new range of delightfully quirky wooden toys from Innovative Kids feature the vivacious and vibrant animal characters for which Gareth is so in demand! Their fabulous ‘Popatronic’ technology has proved hugely popular with toddlers (and adults!), who love poking and popping the buttons of these sturdy wooden toys for hours of fun! Meet Gareth’s adorable safari, jungle and farm animals while exploring fundamental opposites like open/closed, front/back, big/small, and more! With 12 delightful designs to choose from and available now, ‘pop’ over to their website and treat the toddler in your life, or bag yourself an addictive new executive toy!!

Del's Sensational Slapstick Signs!

Pembroke Castle is steeped in history and with a Labyrinth of underground passageways and soaring towers, a health and safety nightmare! That is where the fabulous Del Thorpe has stepped into the breach, creating these bold and playful safety signs featuring a young William Marshall - a knight with strong ties to the castle - pointing out where a host of hapless soldiers have gone wrong! Del says of the unusual project:

“The brief was originally to have the boy falling over but I suggested that it's funnier to have adults hurting themselves while the child is giving sensible advice. The images will be made into warning signs to replace their existing, more utilitarian, ones and the castle thinks they will be a big hit!.”

We have to agree with them, these nutty notices are sure to have kids in stitches!