Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Incredible Inktober Images!

Apart from being hugely talented, our artists are a diverse lot! Stunned by the range of beautiful styles we represent - here is a taste of what they have been coming up with for Inktober so far!

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Laure's Fabulous Fresco!

Much to the joy of local residents and visitors to the Cote D’Azure, Laure Fournier has just completed this gorgeous and evocative design on the side of a public building in the seaside town of Villeneuve-Loubet in the south of France. 4 talented artists worked tirelessly with mineral paint on the huge scale trompe-loeil project over a two week period and we think you’ll have to agree with us that the results are simply breathtaking! Now where did we put that passport….? 

Forest Foraging with Gareth Lucas!

Where else would you find a friendly pheasant with a frying pan or a superior looking squirrel on a swing but in the magical mind of Gareth Lucas?! Welcome to the latest in the Usborne ‘Look and Find’ series of intricately illustrated offerings -  ‘Look and Find in the Forest’. Boasting a rich and distinctly autumnal colour palette and some handsome home-grown beasties, Gareth is once again proving he is the master of eye-catching animal enigmas! So if you want to avoid being ‘boar-ed’ and fancy being truly ‘foxed’ then grab your very own copy HERE! 

Stellar Work from Richard Johnson!

“Have you ever gazed into the sky and wondered about all those twinkling lights?…” This simple yet informative little book features stunning celestial illustrations from the incomparable Richard Johnson, bringing our fascinating Solar System to life for curious preschoolers! Richard says:

“The book was interesting to work on as it was a non-fiction title for the popular U.S Little Golden Book series. It was challenging to create illustrations that are both functional and have an element of playfulness. Scale and simplification were important aspects of the commission, the imagery had to be factual but also decorative, involving all aspects of our Solar System for a children up to 5 years old. Working on non-fiction titles is something I would love to do again!”

Tots will enjoy poring over each dramatically detailed page as they learn about planets, constellations, satellites and spacecraft. Lively and up to date, this Little Golden Book is sure inspire little ones to reach for the stars! Get your copy HERE - it’s out of this world! 

Richard Merritt's Flippin' Great Unicorns!

Can’t decide which you love more - mermaids or unicorns? Fear not - Richard Merritt is here to show you how you can have your cake and eat it as we delve into the often mad but always magical world of ‘Mermicorns’, a Flip Flap Friends book!
In this, his 11th amazing collaboration with blooming publisher Pat-a-Cake books, beautiful bubble beards, radical rainbow tails, sensationally sparkly horns and fabulous flowery flippers all jumble up to create the most fantastical friends who burst into technicolour life from each split page! Richard says of this hilarious project:

"Mermicorns is possibly the most fun thing I’ve taken on as an illustrator as I was given the freedom to create a whole host of crazy, bold and bright characters. With the help of the fantastic designer Kim at Pat A Cake, I think we’ve made a wonderfully fun and interactive book which has already got my friends' children excited. Look out of Fancy Dress flip flap friend coming soon too!"

With over 72 possible combinations, hilarious names to mix and match, Richard’s crazy chromatic characters and adorably cheeky little details to spot, children will want to keep coming back for flip flap fun again and again! Get it HERE!

Monday, 17 September 2018

Welcome to The Org family Katie Mazeika!

Katie Mazeika is an illustrator with a focus in children's publishing. Originally from Cincinnati, she graduated from The Columbus College of and Design and eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, two kids and two dogs.

Katie loves creating illustrations with a strong narrative that are filled with colour and texture. Her illustrations are primarily done in Photoshop.

To see more of Katie's beautiful work visit her portfolio page here!

Welcome Amberin Huq!

We would like to give a big warm welcome to our brand new fabulous artist Amberin Huq! Amberin graduated from University College Falmouth with a degree in Illustration in 2008 and has since been living and working just outside of London creating and painting under an organised heap of chaos in her flat!

Amberin works entirely digitally but her work is layered with texture. She is hugely inspired by film and photography and loves to play with scale, perspective and colour to create dreamy, evocative and atmospheric illustrations with enticing diverse characters.

To see more of her gorgeous work visit her brand spanking new portfolio page!