Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Win Win Win!

To be in with a chance of winning this stunning set of 4 fun pop-up books with magical sounds illustrated by the hugely talented Richard Johnson Illustration, hop on over to our Twitter page, follow us and re-tweet the pinned post! Good luck! 🍀🍀🍀 

A Warm Welcome for Oliver Averill!

We are so excited to announce another wonderful new addition to the growing Organisation family and are sure you will join us in giving a warm welcome to the fabulous Oliver Averill! Oliver is a Falmouth university graduate and his delightfully innocent style is sure to make him a huge hit with young and old alike! Inspired by real events and with a passion for history and vintage vehicles we think he is really going places!

To see more of his amazing work click here!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Clementine Derodit - Illustrator of the week!

We are thrilled to see that our new artist Clementine Derodit has been selected as artist of the week on the web site!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Ella's Charity Christmas Card Cuties!

This year, our fabulous artist Ella Okstad is hugely proud to be one of the illustrators contributing a Christmas card design for the UK based charity THREE PEAS!

Three Peas do amazing work supporting and helping refugees who have lost everything and are fleeing from war and Ella is in the excellent company of these fantastic illustrators: Emily Gravett, Alex Scheffler and Satoshi Kitamura.

You can buy the gorgeous little packet of cards here and start making a difference to the lives of people fleeing war or persecution.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

David Dean & Sandi Toksvig team up for book 2!

This week we have had a particularly nice present drop through the door at The Org HQ. The amazing new novel from Sandi Toksvig featuring the beautifully vibrant cover art from David Dean!

The book is out now and follows the adventure of 11-year-old Slim Hannigan and her family as the leave their home in Ireland to travel to America - in search of a better life. It has been so long and such a journey that Slim Hannigan and the rest of her family can't even imagine what home looks like anymore. And there are many, many miles across America for them to travel before they reach their destination.

Between them and the home of their uncle lie thousands of miles of dangerous land, wild animals and strangers who do not wish them well. Slim has to draw on bravery like she's never known to keep her family together and to keep them moving forward.

Get your copy now!

Boyds Mills Press feature from Alison Jay

If you come across the 2018 catalogue for publishing house Boys Mills Press, you'll be greeted with the lovely artwork from Alison Jay for her recent collaboration with Kate Hannigan for the stunning picture book 'A Lady Has the Floor'. The book is a non fiction biography of the pioneering advocate for women's rights, Belva Lockwood. As an activist, Belva never stopped asking herself the question: are women not worth the same as men? She had big dreams and didn't let anyone stand in her way - not her father, her law school or even the U.S. Supreme Court. She fought for equality for women in the classroom, in the courtroom and in politics. In her quest for fairness and parity, Lockwood ran for President of the United States, becoming the first woman on the ballot. In this riveting non-fiction picture-book biography, award-winning author Kate Hannigan and celebrated artist Alison Jay illuminate the life of Lockwood, a woman who was never afraid to take the floor and speak her mind.

Gareth Lucas for Ranger Rick Junior magazine

In this month's Ranger Rick Junior magazine for kids you'll find the wonderful double page spread by Gareth Lucas, featuring a host of Africa's most iconic animals! Can you spot the 5 things that are wrong with the picture? Maybe there's a big cat on a mobile phone, or is that a canoeing monkey I can see? Gareth's charming and humorous artwork makes for a joyful activity page, introducing children to the wonder of nature!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Bag a Beautiful Set of Alison Jay Books!

Hurry on over to our Twitter page where we are giving away this stunning set of books illustrated by the brilliant Alison Jay! Simply follow us and re-tweet the pinned post to be in with a chance of winning! What are you waiting for? 

Eunyoung's 'Beau-tea-full' New Work!

Here is a small sample of the sumptuous, richly patterned new work from the wonderful Eunyoung Seo! Based upon the theme of 'tea time', each intricate scene speaks volumes about the inhabitants of these colourful homes. 

Which one is most like afternoon tea at your house?

To see more of Eunyoung's new work, click here!

Monday, 6 November 2017

New Artist! Clementine Derodit!

Welcome to the wonderful world of super talented Clementine Derodit! A French illustrator and graphic designer since 2002, we just fell in love with her bold and colourful creations, bursting with so much fun! She has worked with many top publishers, including Hachette, and also big brands such as Chupa Chups, Oberthur and the WWF. But, not content with just illustration, she also works under the name of Bupla with her fiancé Mathieu Quiblier on motion graphics projects! She really is multi-talented and we are proud to have her as one of our team!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Alison Jay Illustrator of the Month!

The wonderful Alison Jay is the illustrator of the month!! Check out her fact-packed bio on their website

Barbara Bongini's Technicolour Wizard of Oz!

Taking a well-loved tale and making it your own is no mean feat, but we think the fabulous Barbara Bongini has done just that with her sublime technicolour illustrations for the Italian publishing house Emme’s new illustrated and abridged version of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’! Aimed at a slightly younger target audience than previous editions, Barbara says of working with Emme for the first time:

“This publishing house is one of the most renowned in Italy for the quality of its publications. I was given the freedom to express my creativity with this project and was pleased with the confidence they had in me! I was inspired by the old movie with Judy Garland for the atmosphere and colours: using grey for the representation of the ‘real’ world and super-coloured hues for Wonderful Oz! The most fun thing in the book is the brightness of the colours that make Oz a truly magical world. I hope this book will be able to convey this joy to those who read it - this is my greatest desire.”

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is out now!

Gareth Lucas Look and Find Jungle!

This brilliantly colourful ‘look and find’ book is teeming with jungle life! With bold and beautiful scenes to pore over and talk about as well as fun activities such as counting crafty crocodiles, spotting an adorable slipper-wearing sloth and matching pompous toucans’ beaks - what more could you wish for! Gareth Lucas has once again created an absolute show-stopper for Usborne, who loved his gorgeous work for this book so much that at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair their stand was transformed into a magical jungle festooned with Gareth’s fantastic creatures! So what are you waiting for - swing by and get your copy today!

Bistra is Walking with Elephants!

Bistra Masseva’s sensitive portrayal of these gentle and intelligent creatures is what makes this book so very special - from pure joy to utter despair and many emotions between experienced by Precious and Baba over the course of this sweet story. Bistra says of this stunning work:

“I have long been fascinated with elephants, despite being relatively familiar with them, the book still presented a twofold challenge. The first was to find a sensitive and appropriate visual tone for the illustrations, which was in tune with the seriousness of the subject, but without making them too depressing or frightening for children. The second challenge was to draw two elephants of the same species which are still distinguishable from one another. 
It was a pleasure to work on Cheryl’s story and I felt part of a good cause – promoting elephant conservation awareness and showing children the value of friendship."

A heartwarming, sweet and evocative story, ‘Elephants Walk Together’ is out now from Albert Whitman and Co.

Princess Kitty Gives Ella Another Hit!

Princess Kitty’s ‘palace attendants’ are throwing her a surprise party, at least, that’s what she thinks! But when the guests start arriving and no one is paying attention to the kitty of honour, fur is bound to fly! Featuring the whimsical and vibrant illustrations of Ella Okstad (a seasoned professional at illustrating all things feline!!), here comes Princess Kitty, a sweet and silly story about a kitty who learns to share the spotlight. Ella says of this cute project:
“Princess Kitty is a royal cat, (or rather she thinks she is). It took me a long while to figure out how she would look but, I think I captured her personality rather well in the end. She is posh looking but she still has the same mischievous look Squishy McFluff has. In that sense they are quite similar. I really enjoy drawing cats both visible and invisible ones.”
Out now from Harper Collins, the puuuuurfect gift for the cat lover in your life!

Victoria Assanelli's Fairytale Treasury

After last month’s segway into the gothic realms of growing skeletons in your back garden, the wonderfully versatile Victoria Assanelli returns to her roots this month with some beautiful work that reflects her unwavering love of the traditional fairy tale. These two new titles for Parragon’s ‘A Treasury to Read with…..’ series - Mummy and Grandma - see Victoria in her element tackling everything from cunning wolves and clever lambs to flying tortoises and vain crows in wonderfully rich detail and with her usual aplomb! 
Both treasuries are profusely illustrated with over 80 stories to share. From traditional favourites like The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Ugly Duckling to new tales, this treasury is perfect for reading together!

David Dean's Latest Covers!

Experience epic journeys this month as David Dean's latest three gorgeous book covers hit the shelves! From a magical land where toys come alive, to the trenches of World War One and a great sea voyage from Ireland to America - these three beauties have all the adventure you could wish for so why not visit new worlds from comfort of your own home this Autumn? All out now from Penguin Books and Faber & Faber!