Thursday, 19 May 2016

New work from Victoria Assanelli: Sea Stories!

We are thrilled with the brand new release from Oxford University Press, featuring the wonderful work of Victoria Assanelli!

The sea is a powerful force of nature; once the salt gets into your blood it is hard to return to land. When a selkie is trapped in her maiden form by a lovestruck human, she pines for her seal-skin and the embrace of the waves. Her family may be on land, but her heart is with the sea. But not everyone is destined to live underwater ... Can Sylvie and her brother escape the watery clutches of Merman Rosmer?
TreeTops Greatest Stories offers children some of the worlds best-loved tales in a collection of timeless classics. Victoria tackles these stories with her keen eye and skill to produce beautiful artwork for a new generation, engaging and delighting children.

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