Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Del's Sensational Slapstick Signs!

Pembroke Castle is steeped in history and with a Labyrinth of underground passageways and soaring towers, a health and safety nightmare! That is where the fabulous Del Thorpe has stepped into the breach, creating these bold and playful safety signs featuring a young William Marshall - a knight with strong ties to the castle - pointing out where a host of hapless soldiers have gone wrong! Del says of the unusual project:

“The brief was originally to have the boy falling over but I suggested that it's funnier to have adults hurting themselves while the child is giving sensible advice. The images will be made into warning signs to replace their existing, more utilitarian, ones and the castle thinks they will be a big hit!.”

We have to agree with them, these nutty notices are sure to have kids in stitches!

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