Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Even Monsters Have Secrets!

These fabulous feline illustrations are by the wonderful Livia ColojiI for “The Monster’s Secret’ -  a story written by the much respected Romanian parenting expert, Otilia Mantelers and designed to help parents deal with with the fear of darkness in a playful way! Livia, who lives in Timisoara, Romania, has been fortunate enough to work for clients from all over the world on some very different and interesting projects, says of this latest unique commission:

“I love animals and, of course, I adore cats so it was an awesome project to work on! Also, it was a fun challenge to work on the monster because he's the scary character in the book but he also has to be lovable in a certain way.”

Livia’s skill in giving her animal illustrations such depth of expression perfectly conveys the message of this book - that sometimes we are all just frightened children who need to help each other find the light switch! 

Don’t have nightmares, buy your copy of ‘The Monster’s Secret’ here! https://www.libhumanitas.ro/otilia-mantelers-secretul-monstrului-humanitas-2017.html

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