Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Steve Dell's Space Race!

The Full Moon for Feb 2017 will occur just after midnight on February 11th for Europe and in the afternoon of February 10th for the United States.February's Full Moon is commonly known as the 'Full Snow Moon' or 'Hunger Moon' by Native Americans. The Apache referred to it as the 'frost sparkling in the sun' moon while the Omaha people referred to it as the 'moon when geese come home'.

The 'face' of the Man in the Moon is actually composed of the dark areas of the lunar maria, or 'seas' and the lighter highlands of the lunar surface. A longstanding European tradition holds that the man was banished to the moon for some crime! Steve Dell's fabulous work for 'Man on the Moon' activity pack for John Lewis continues this tradition of telling stories of the lonely man so many miles away and gives children wonderful ideas of how to find and even make contact with this elusive chap! We think these gorgeous illustrations are 'out of this world'!!!

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