Thursday, 22 September 2016

Livia's Festival Flags!

The amazing Livia Coloji has been very busy recently preparing artwork for posters, t-shirts, entry bracelets, banners and activity booklets for the wonderful PLAI Festival in Romania! PLAI is an international world music and art festival that takes place every year in the second weekend of September at the Banat Village Museum, Timisoara Romania and this year Livia was tasked with creating all of the promotional items for this unique event!

The idea for PLAI was born on a summer day in June, after a visit to the Banat Village Museum. The location continues to be very important for the festival, an event that celebrates Romania's diversity and multicultural heritage. An event for people of all ages, full of activities designed to spark passions and music from all around the world, diversity, in all its forms, has a special place here. 

Here are some of Livia's beautiful artworks for the festival - we think she did an amazing job!

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