Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Barbara Bongini: Cinderella and her Very Bossy Sisters!

We are thrilled to show you the brand new work that Barbara Bongini has been busy doing over the last few months for Scholastic publishing. She has put her unique stamp on a much the loved classic tale of Cinderella!
Once upon a time a girl called Once upon a time there lived a girl called Cinderella. She lived with her two VERY bossy sisters. When she was not cooking or cleaning, Cinderella could be found mending her sisters' shoes, or even fixing the car! One day, an invitation arrives to a ball at the palace. But Cinderella is kept so busy helping her bossy sisters get ready - squeezing their pimples and finding their spotty bloomers - that she has no time to get ready herself, until a visit from a fairy godmother changes her luck forever! A fun and feisty picture book retelling of a classic fairytale by bestselling author Mark Sperring.

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