Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The wonderful world of Eunyoung Seo!

Today we are celebrating the wonderful work of Korean artist Eunyoung Seo!

She had worked as a graphic designer for eight years in Korea before coming over to Edinburgh to study illustration for changing her career. She studied MA Illustration at The University of Edinburgh, where she graduates first in her class in 2012. 

Since joining us, she has bagged a gorgeous series of books, published by Faber children's publishing, telling the charming tales of Harry and Lil. 'Hog in the fog' and 'The Hog, the Shrew, and the Hullabaloo' are stunning, with Eunyoung's nod to traditional illustrations of the past, she has created these modern classics for a new generation. The third book is on the way too, so look out for that!

She has also produced her unique and creative version of Alice in Wonderland, which is delightful to see.

To put it simply, we are in love with her work!

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