Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Hey there readers
Welcome to our new blog where you'll see new work, pick up tips and hopefully learn what its like to work with us. We are experts at what we do and we love doing it, so glad to have you in our world.

Today's post is all about feeling the fear of commissioning and doing it anyway.

Have you ever wanted to dip a toe in the water and commission an presentation artwork but were concerned about costs and rights issues?

We understand that in order to get a client on board you may need to present a really finished artwork as part of your pitch. We have a number of illustrators who are happy to work to fixed day rate or job rate to provide you with the fabulous illustrations you need but without having to worry about huge usage costs.

If you need to know all the costs to apply these artworks to your media if the job hopefully does go live, then we can supply these in advance so you don't get any nasty surprises.

I feel that the more we collaborate with you the better the chance we'll all have to get those lovely clients to press the button. We have lots of happy clients who have worked with us in this way and know what good problem solvers we are.